Maximise your Success – Countless Commodities to Trade

Trading a wide range of commodity CFDs with low margin can help diversify your portfolio and mitigate your risks with greater flexibility. It also gives you exposure to the global financial markets without actually owning the instrument, but by simply taking advantage of the difference between its opening and the closing prices.

Commodities are natural resources and raw materials used in many economic areas and they are essential to our everyday lives. There are different types of commodities you can take advantage of – soft and hard commodities.

Soft commodities are usually agricultural and livestock products such as Cattle, Cocoa, Sugar, Coffee, Corn, Orange Juice, and Wheat, while hard commodities include metals and energies such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, and Brent Crude, U.S. Light Crude, Natural Gas and more.

Many factors can influence this market, like the relationship between supply and demand driven by global economic health, weather conditions, political events, storage and transportation constraints, seasonality, storage costs, inventories and stocks, demographics, inflation, technological advances, the USD (as many commodities are priced in American Dollars) and other factors, too. Any changes in the commodity’s price can provide many trading opportunities for investors.